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direction [noun, นาม]
คำแปล/ความหมาย : การควบคุม
Synonym : management, control
คำที่เกี่ยวข้อง : การ จัดการ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            1. dialogue [noun, นาม]
คำแปล/ความหมาย : การสนทนา (คำทางการ)
Synonym : dialog
คำที่เกี่ยวข้อง : การอภิปราย

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Today Poem

indexmm‘Today is life and life is today,
Today celebrate today and enjoy today..
Today is expensive and cost a day,
Today enjoys today and live today!
Today is the day of today and of the days of today’…..
Today start from today!
Today ends today!
Today lives today!
Today brings today!
Today leave today!
Today is today,
Today of today and today in today,
Today a days and today a day.
วันนี้ตือ ชีวิต ชีวิต คือ วันนี้



เว็บฝึกอ่าน ภาษาอังกฤษ

เนื้อหา อ่านตาม …  San Francisco Educator Works to Keep Young People ‘Alive and Free’


This is the VOA Special English Education Report, More than half of young black men in the United States do not finish high school. Many grow up without fathers and in neighborhoods with gangs, drugs and violence. Sixty percent of those who drop out of school have spent time in jail by the age of thirty-five.Joe Marshall co-founded the Omega Boys Club in San Francisco, California, twenty-three years ago. Mister Marshall tries to give boys — and girls — a safe refuge and a chance at a better future. Every week, he has two basic messages for his young students: “Stop the violence” and “Don’t do drugs.”Mister Marshall spent twenty-five years as a teacher and administrator in San Francisco. He taught math in middle school and expected to see his best students go to college.But he said a lot of his former students ended up dead or in prison for selling drugs or being involved in gangs. And many girls ended up getting pregnant. The Omega Boys Club serves more than four hundred young people every year. Two times a week, it offers after-school classes in math, reading, family and life skills, and college preparation. In many ways, it serves as a kind of family. It provides teenagers with structure and support. Joe Marshall has a doctorate in psychology. He sees gangs and violence as a disease that needs to be dealt with as a public health problem. He tells young people to follow some new rules for living. These rules will decrease their chances of ending up dead or in prison and increase their chances of staying alive and free. The club represents the headquarters of what he calls the “alive and free movement.” But his most effective way to spread his anti-violence message is through radio. In nineteen ninety-one, Joe Marshall started “Street Soldiers,” a weekly call-in show. It airs on popular hip-hop station KMEL in San Francisco.Marlena was one of the graduates of the Omega Boys Club. She is at Southern University right now, going into her third year. She talked about what she had learned by coming to Omega.The club provides guidance and financial assistance to help students stay in school. Over ninety percent of members who were accepted into college have graduated.Twelve other American cities have copied the program. Joe Marshall has been invited to speak in Canada, Nigeria, South Africa and Thailand. He turned sixty-three this year. He says he has no thoughts of retiring any time soon. And that’s the VOA Special English Education Report.

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks. ~


“The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.”
Tennessee Williams in “Camino Real”
These words became his epitaph

Some beginnings in this life commence on inhospitable ground: no soil, no protection, barely enough water. Just a crack in the pavement, relentless heat and the drive to thrive.

Such delicate beauty can come from nothing but a seed packed with the potential to transform its circumstances. A gentle transcendence has the power to break through rocks and change the world.

เรียนภาษาจากแมวตัวใหญ่ขาว…..”love is like a large white cat”

528460_442418269151892_481083141_n “love is like a large white cat”

Love is like a large white cat
Sitting on its paws.
You may pet it all you like;
It lives by its own laws.
It comes and goes as it decides
No matter what you say.
It seems the more you want it near,
The more it goes away.

And then when you are quite content
To sit out in the sun
Alone with just your thoughts and dreams,
Not needing anyone,

Out it comes, as if in fear
That somehow you’ll forget,
And jumps up purring in your lap,
Demanding to be pet.

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New Idioms

Get Down to Brass Tacks:
To become serious about something.

Get Over It:
To move beyond something that is bothering you.

Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed:
Someone who is having a horrible day.

Get Your Walking Papers:
Get fired from a job.

Give Him The Slip:
To get away from. To escape.

Go Down Like A Lead Balloon:
To be received badly by an audience.

Go For Broke:
To gamble everything you have.

Go Out On A Limb:
Put yourself in a tough position in order to support someone/something.

Go The Extra Mile:
Going above and beyond whatever is required for the task at hand.

Good Samaritan:
Someone who helps others when they are in need, with no discussion for compensation, and no thought of a reward.

Graveyard Shift:
Working hours from about 12:00 am to 8:00 am. The time of the day when most other people are sleeping.

Great Minds Think Alike:
Intelligent people think like each other.

Green Room:
The waiting room, especially for those who are about to go on a tv or radio show.

Gut Feeling:
A personal intuition you get, especially when feel something may not be right.


รวมเนื้อเพลงสากลที่น่าประทับใจ 58 เพลง
1 Because you love me Celine Dion
2 Do That to me one more time Captain & Tenille
3 Girl you are my love Pink Boy 8431
4 Handy man James Taylor
5 I started a joke Bee Gees
6 I will always love you Whitney Houston
7 Right here waiting Richard Marx
8 That’s why you go away Michael Learn to Rock
9 The one you love Glenn Frey
10 Because I love you Stevens Shakin
11 Everytime you go away Paul Young
12 Love me, love my dog Pete Shelley 8040
13 Sleeping child Michael Learn to Rock
14 Without you Mariah Carey
15 Groovy kind of love Phil Collins
16 How deep is your love Bee Gees
17 Say you say me Lionel Richie
18 You’re my everything Santa Esmeralda
19 I don’t like to sleep alone Paul Anka
20 I just call to say I love you Stevie Wonder
21 Nothing gonna change my love for you George Benson
22 One more night Phil Collins
23 So much in love All for One
24 The sound of silence Simon & Garfunkel
25 How deep is your love Take That
26 Last Christmas Wham
27 Puppy love Osmond Donny
28 Reality Richard Sanderson
29 To love somebody Michael Bolton
30 Within you’ll remain Tokyo Square mp3
31 Yesterday once more Carpenters
32 I swear All for One
33 If you leave me now Chicago
34 Let it be The Beatles
35 When a man loves a woman Michael Bolton
36 You’re my everything Santa Esmeralda
37 Close to you Carpenters
38 If we hold on together Diana Ross
39 Knife Rockwell
40 Now and forever Richard Marx
41 Vincent Don McLean
42 Heal the world Michael Jackson
43 Hello Lionel Richie
44 Imagine John Lennon
45 Woman in love Barbra Streisand
46 Foolish Beat Debbie Gibson
47 Boulevard Dan Byrd
48 Daddy’s Home Jermaine Jackson
49 Killing me softly with his song Robertan Flack
50 My girl Otis Redding
51 Sorry seems to be the hardest word Elton John
52 Tonight I celebrate my love for you Roberta Flack
53 When a child is born Johnny Mathis
54 Casablanca Bertie Higgins
55 You light up my life Debbie Boone
56 Unchained Melody Righteus Brothers
57 And I love you so Perry Como
58 Sealed with a kiss Jason Donovan

Makabucha Day

Makabucha Day

The 3 cores teaching are;

1. Refrain from commiting all kind of wickeness (ไม่ทำความชั่ว)

2. Be good and do good (ทำความดีทั้งทางกาย วาจา และใจ)

3. Purify the mind (ทำจิตใจให้บริสุทธิ์)

Thai government announces this day a national holiday so people can participate in religious ritual and perform good merit for their good karma.

Monks and other believers of the Buddhist philosophy hold candlelit processions with monks who also hold a sacred thread in a procession around the temple. (เวียนเทียน [wian tian])

Buddhists from across the cities throughout the country flock to temples to participate in these processions. Some of the other activities of the day include acts of merit such as freeing fish and birds and giving food to the monks (ตักบาตร [dtak baat]). The day consists of listening to teachings of Buddhism and the practice of meditation (นั่งสมาธิ).